I have been on more websites than I can count, from taking a break on social media , to putting together a mental health anthology, being interviewed for something cool I’ve done and other things. I would say these would be in order from latest to present, but I’ll try and group ’em for ya.

This list is nowhere near compete, but it’s such a boring ass task, so I’ll say “GOOGLE ME, DAMMIT!”

Comic Interviews:

The Outfit (Nailbiter) interview on CBR.

Mental Health Anthology (MHA):

MHA interview on WomenWriteAboutComics.

MHA on Newsarama

MHA on BleedingCool.

MHA on TheMarySue.

#TeensThatLookLikeTeens a viral hashtag that was instrumental in getting a J Scott Campbell Riri Williams variant pulled:

TTLLT on Vulture.

TTLLT on NY Daily News.

TTLLT on Atlanta Black Star.

TTLLT on Black Girl Long Hair.


Race and Sexuality panel with Ta-Nehisi Coates, Steve Orlando and myself:

Village Voice