Bingo Love Proves that Diversity in Comics DOES Sell

This Bingo Love comic project has really been a dream come true. I never ever thought that something I created, would receive so much coverage. I mean my Black Queer romance comic is on Huffington Post, New Now Next, The Root and a slew of other sites!

Our Kickstarter is currently over 200% its initial goal! I can not begin to describe the overwhelming feelings that I’ve been having. People are supporting an idea – that was swimming around in my head – by the thousands. There are (as of this writing) 1,360 people who have backed my comic idea.



I speak often about the dreaded Impostor Syndrome that I experience from time to time, but now it’s been riding my back so often since I pushed the green Kickstarter button. I’ve been receiving so much praise for Bingo Love that I can’t handle it all. I feel as if I’m going to let everyone down. I totally know that’s not the case, but boy oh boy, this impostor is whispering bullshit in my ear with its foul hot ass breath.

Being in the comic book industry that’s dominated by white males, you feel as if there’s nothing you can do to succeed; that you’re only going to go but so far. You start believing that you’re only good enough for anthologies, webcomics or back up pages. There aren’t many Black women comic creators in the industry with their own books that you can pick up on the shelves of your favorite local comic store. You have to go above and beyond to be seen as a Black woman in the comic industry, hell…in some cases you have to be someone major in the literary world. Black women in the comic industry is really on the bottom of the totem pole.

This Queer, disabled Black woman is going to go above and beyond (as the majority of Black women do) and bring inclusive comics to the world. It starts with Bingo Love and will continue with several other stories. I’ve been told over and over again that if I don’t like what the comic industry is doing – do it myself. So, that’s my plan. I plan on “ruining the comic industry” with my inclusive comics.

A change is gon’ come; it’s upon us. I’m accepting the challenge set forth by Marvel’s Vice President. Since “diversity doesn’t sell,” I’m going to do any and everything within my power to prove everyone wrong.

Bingo Love was fully funded in 5 days!

I’m giving the people what they want…inclusion in comics. Marginalized creators, feel free to join me in proving the fools over at Marvel Comics wrong. Consumers, feel free to join me in proving the fools over at Marvel Comics wrong by purchasing inclusive comics by marginalized creators.

Start by pledging to the Bingo Love Kickstarter!

Join me in ruining the comic industry!!!

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