Next Up: Bingo Love

Bingo Love is my latest upcoming project that I’m working on with Jem & The Misfits artist, Jenn St-Onge, colorist, Joy San, letterer, Cardinal Rae, with Erica Schultz (Charmed) as the editor.

I’m really excited about this project that is live on Kickstarter today. Make sure that you check it out Kickstarter.

And now about Bingo Love:

Bingo Love is a LGBTQ romance story that spans over 60 years. A chance meeting at church bingo in 1963 brings Hazel Johnson and Mari McCray together. Through their formative years, these two women develop feelings for each other and finally profess their love for one another.

Unfortunately, these young lovebirds end up separated, as they are caught kissing by Mari’s grandmother. Being forbidden from seeing each other isn’t punishment enough as both Mari and Hazel are forced into marriages with men whom they do not love.

But fate had another plan. Decades later, now in their mid 60’s, Hazel and Mari are reunited, again at a bingo hall, and their love for each other is still alive. Together again, the sexagenarians decide to divorce their husbands and live the rest of their lives together as wife and wife…despite the objections of their children and grandchildren.

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