Dear White People,

I want you to know a few things, but this is the main one…

*****If it don’t apply, let it fly*****

I normally tweet when I’m looking for a collaborator on a comic project, just like I did a few days ago. When I’m looking for a collaborator it’s usually a marginalized creator – we don’t get many opportunities unlike straight, white men. Every time I tweet an opportunity call, I get called a racist because I don’t include straight white creators. I should go with the “best creator” and not give it to someone based on their sexuality, race, fluidity, blah, blah, blah.

Basically you just want this to be all about you, right?

It doesn’t mean that I’m a racist because I don’t want straight white creators on my project. It means that I’m choosing to employ marginalized creators on my project. This is the thing, if you say I should choose the “best creator” and add straight white creators to the mix, you’re basically implying that marginalized creators aren’t the best.

We all know that’s a gotdamn lie.

You know, you can always create your own project and hire whoever you want to, right?

I am just beyond frustrated that I have to fight and explain why I want to have marginalized creators on my project EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. It’s truly draining. Stop telling a Woman of Color what she should do on something she creates. I gotta ask, would you tell a Man of Color what he should do on his project? I highly doubt it.

Every project that I have and will put together in the future will consist of marginalized creators and all your bitching and moaning won’t stop me from making it happen. My comics will be created by marginalized creators and will feature marginalized characters. There’s this thing called representation and it matters a lot to me and to millions of others. If you feel the need to complain about what I’m doing or someone else is doing because they don’t want straight white creators attached to their projects…take a look at yourself. There’s hatred inside of you. Instead of calling me a racist for not including straight white creators, perhaps you should be calling yourself a racist for only wanting straight white material – the same material that’s been around since forever.

I told y’all before my comics will not look like this:

This is what they WILL look like:

(click the picture for the recipe)

If you can’t handle all the flavor that will be in my well seasoned comics, you’re more than welcome to keep reading the same bland material. Now, that doesn’t mean that straight white creators aren’t publishing flavorful comics, because they do. They research and include marginalized characters in their comics. I’m straight up talking about straight white creators publishing comics about straight white characters. (Remember…if it don’t apply, let it fly.)

In conclusion…

Sincerely Yours,


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