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The following blog post is full of fucks and lack of fucks at the same damn time…proceed with caution.

Now with that done, let’s get right into it shall we?

Ever went out of your way to help people, but all they did was step on your back and use you? Yeah…me neither. /end sarcasm

Majority of you know that I’m disabled and I have a really messed up back, but when I have about 50+ people standing on my back at the same time, it fucks it up even more.

Since I’ve entered this comic book industry, all I wanted to do was to fight for representation. Fight for those who are putting books out there that are chock full of inclusivity. It took no time to put together BlackComicsMonth and start promoting Black comic creators and finally “Diversity” in comics – not just online, but via panels.

(For the ultimate record I really hate this word “diversity”, it makes me dry heave.)

I fight for representation so that my babies know they can have their last names on the cover of a comic and it would be “normal”. People have called me an activist, I don’t see it. I’m just “doing me” yanno? Which is why I didn’t start to see the pattern of being used by creators until much later.

At this point in time, I’m just at the 0 fucks stage.

I’m tired of being used by more than a few creators who want my marketing talent for free. Like the saying goes, “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch.” When creators start to EXPECT things from you instead of ASKING you to do things is when you need to re-evaluate your worth. One thing that’s been said in the MakeComics section on Comicosity over and over again — know your self-worth. Creators don’t work for free, so the question is why should I?

Is it because I’m this “activist” and I should promote you and your book? Sorry, that avenue is closed. Now, that doesn’t mean if a tweet comes my way, I won’t hit the RT button to my tens of thousands of followers; I will. It means you won’t get that special magic and flair I do when I put my marketing hat on.

Here’s a funny little story.

A comic creator for Dark Horse, Dynamite, Marvel once told me that I should start charging for what I do, because it’s pretty damn spectacular. Gave me advice on how I should go about this, because creators don’t like to promote their books. As soon as I took this advice and started to implement it, said creator disappeared. I guess they felt they were exempt from this new gig.


Now, there are creators out there that will and have paid me for my talent, because they know the value of my skills. Thank you.

A big ole fuck you to creators who want to use people to further their own careers. As I tweeted earlier today…

Here are some tips to avoid being one of these asshat creators.

-Say thank you.
-Say please.
-Offer payment.

Pretty simple, right?

Not to be that bitch, but if I get you and your book on a site that gets about 10M+ hits PER DAY and subsequently your emails start to flourish with offers…thank me. And if the time ever comes when I have a book out, you can do the same by hitting the RT button and letting your fans know that I have a book out.

Oh, wait. I DO have a book out and y’all didn’t share the info. Yet, you damn sure had the audacity to ask me to promote your book. Whew.

Let this be a lesson to all of you, stop expecting things for free. Remember to say please and thank you. Offer payment of some kind if someone is helping you putting money in your hands. And above all: Stop being a self-centered fuck; the world doesn’t revolve around you and never will.

Happy Fucking Holidays!

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