Best of 2016 Comics List

It’s now time for the Best of 2016 Comics!!! Every comic site out there has been already posting their “best of” 2016 lists and AS USUAL it contains 98% white men. Hate to bust your bubble, but this isn’t going to be Tee’s Best of Comics list.

I’m not here to post my list for a few reasons: I hung up my comics journalist hat and I haven’t read that many comics this year.

This post is to expand on my tweets from earlier today. Someone in the comics industry made a comment about how there’s not enough women in the best of comics lists and it honestly pissed me off. These comics lists BARELY include marginalized creators, but sure let’s talk about how women in comics are getting the short end of the list stick.

Time to let my tweets do the talking:

Yes, we all know women make comics. But LGBTQ, disabled, non binary, gender fluid, and creators of color exist as well. We like to focus on “women in comics” because there’s so many men in the industry, but damn…marginalized creators exist as well. We shouldn’t “have to keep showing them marginalized creators make comics over and over.” Idk it could be me, but certain folks are just worried about their own kind or gender. I don’t move like that. Just cuz I’m a woman, I’m not gonna complain about there not being enough women on the “best of” lists.

I’m going to complain about the lack of marginalized people on the lists. Gender/non gender/race/disability/sexuality. I can’t just single one group out. Even if EYE wasn’t in the “all of the above” group, I’d still fight for representation PERIOD. Comics aren’t just men vs women and once folks stop focusing on this – esp best of lists – it might get a bit better. Expand your reading.

Seriously. Expand your reading. There are some dope creators of color, LGBTQIA, disabled, gender fluid, non-binary creators out there. It’s not just DC/Marvel/Image/Dark Horse/etc. Start reading webcomics, support Kickstarters that have marginalized creators.

NOW. If you’re one of those people who like their comics like this:
Well…shit, I can’t help you. I can’t do unseasoned chicken and I hate bland comics without seasoning.

I challenge you to create best of comics lists that has a token white creator instead of a token Black, Queer, or POC creator. Don’t get it twisted, you sprinkle us marginalized creators in your lists and hope that we don’t see it.


Feel like commenting? Add your best of comics from marginalized creators below. Let’s educate these fools

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